It is now also weekend in the American market. We list the latest Bitcoin price for the weekend and prices of the top 25 crypto coins. In addition, we look at a dramatic forecast for the Bitcoin and crypto market. To start off the weekend with a good feeling, we close with a crypto feel-good story.

Bitcoin falls in negative crypto market

At the time of writing, the Bitcoin price is trading at EUR 29,788.98 ($35,486.90) in a volatile market. This means that the price is 5.81% lower than yesterday after the closing of the American stock markets.

The prices of the top 25 crypto coins also show negative rates without exception. Biggest loser is ChainLink (LINK), which lost 8.27% in the last 24 hours. Of course you can follow all live crypto prices all weekend on the site.

The Big Short predicts ‘mother of all crashes’ for Bitcoin and crypto

Investor Michael Burry became world famous under his nickname “The Big Short” when he predicted the housing price crash that fueled the economic crisis of 2008. Books and the film of the same name have been published about his story. Since then he has made more accurate predictions. He took a Twitter break in April and now he’s back.

Unfortunately not to bring good news. In tweets that have since been deleted, he warns that many investors invest based on rumors and underestimate the leverage in crypto prices. This makes them too reckless. He expects the result to be disastrous and cause huge losses. He has since cleaned up his account and there is still one tweet, which also does not express a happy message.

However, we also see a difference here. A few days ago, influencer Plan B confirmed that the bull run is proceeding according to its plan and will quickly continue with significant price increases.

Feelgood: Did This Investor Become a Trillionaire on Coinbase?

Meanwhile, something very different is going on on Coinbase. Last Monday, student Chris Williamson bought the unknown cryptocurrency Rocket Bunny via Coinbase for $ 20. After the purchase he went to sleep satisfied. The next morning, like many investors, he looked at his app after waking and had to rub his eyes. The investment had now risen to 1.4 trillion dollars.

Now there clearly seems to be an error, but when he wanted to transfer the astronomical amount of coins into another wallet for payment, the value remained visible. At that point, he didn’t hit the payout button, but contacted Coinbase. They responded very curtly with the comment ‘we’ll get back to it’. Since then they have not responded but they have frozen his account. It now appears that several people see separate rates with this crypto coin. Of course the question is how to proceed, but he has something to say at parties and birthdays for the rest of his life.

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